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You know how you always hear famous people dismissing the importance of actually winning an award by saying “it’s an honor just to be nominated”? I found myself saying that a lot since learning I was a finalist for “Social Media/Blogger of the Year” in the Nashville Technology Council‘s Feel the Beat Awards and what I’ve learned in that time is that the honor of the nomination is directly proportional to the quality of the other nominees.

See, I was a finalist alongside Rex Hammock of Hammock Inc. and (don’t you wish you’d thought to register that domain?), who is a longtime blogger and who is simply @r on Twitter, and Dave Delaney of Griffin Technologies, who is also co-founder of BarCamp Nashville, founder of Nashville’s PodCamp, and the originator of Geek Breakfast.

Honestly, these guys are two incredible examples of why I am proud to call Nashville home. They’re super-smart, inventive, community-minded, and always hip to the latest and greatest social media trends. Besides that, they seem to be motivated by a desire to make Nashville an even better place, and to help us inhabit a larger area on the digital map.

And they’re also just good dudes. Here’s some of what Rex had to say on his blog today:

Therefore, I was happy to see that along with big corporate type awards like CIO of the Year and Technology Organization of the Year both won by HCA and “Green” innovator of the year Nissan USA, among the ten awards, there were categories for students won by Hank Carter, a student at Belmont University and startups won by CredenceHealth and, interestingly, for a blogger/social media person.

And, more interestingly still, the recipient was me. Two friends, Kate O’Neill of [meta]marketer and Dave Delaney, social media wrangler at Griffin Technology and creator of such things as Geek Breakfast were also finalists and either should have won.

I feel incredibly honored to win. But more than a little surprised.

Rex might have been surprised, but I don’t think either Dave or I really were. I have a tremendous amount of respect for both Rex and Dave, but given Rex’s tenure in the social media scene, it just felt right when the emcee called Rex’s name last night. Clearly, Dave felt that way too:

I had the thrill of being nominated as Nashville’s Social Media / Blogger of the year. I shared the honor of the nomination with Kate O’Neill of [meta]marketer and Rex Hammock of Hammock Inc., both people I really like and admire.

When Rex’s name was called I was so happy for him. Many people don’t realize that Rex has been blogging about news and social media, community and technology since before we called it blogging.

Congratulations, Rex, and kudos to the Nashville Technology Council for pulling off such a wonderful awards ceremony the first time out.

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  1. Posted October 30, 2009 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

    Kudos to the judges and the process. We had great people as finalist for all categories, but especially this one. I think we have a real lead in understanding the role in SM in both personal and professional circles in Nashville.

  2. Posted November 1, 2009 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

    I’m not always the most eloquent communicator, and the day to day of running our business can leave things unsaid; but knowing you ‘behind the scenes’ has shown me that the Kate when no one’s looking is the exact same warm, thoughtful, fearlessly transparent person, who is fully engaged in finding the joy in life.

    If there is one award you deserve hands down, it’s social media idealist of the year. I’m just as honored to be your friend, as your business partner; you’re very inspiring.

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