BarCamp Nashville 2013, or “it’s worth testing.”

One of the phrases I probably say more than any other is “it’s worth testing.” In client meetings, internal meetings, discussions with my friends, phone calls with my mom — really almost any context — my guiding philosophy is that if you wonder whether it might work, you oughta try it. There’s no other way to know.

With that in mind, my sunglasses are off (I don’t really wear hats) to this year’s BarCamp Nashville crew: they’ve decided to experiment a bit with session selection this year and align it more with the “traditional” BarCamp/un-conference format where sessions are determined day-of. After all the outcry and backlash in previous years (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, consider yourself lucky to have been spared) over having pre-scheduled content, I really want to urge folks in the community turn out to give it a try.

And hey, submit a session! Don’t be held back by not knowing if your session will be selected on the day of the event. If you’re really a geek about something, you can probably speak extemporaneously about it. It makes it more of an adventure for all of us. And adventures are fun. Except when they involve snakes or spiders. Not that you can’t speak about snakes or spiders if that’s your thing, but please make sure your session is carefully labelled in that case so that I can shudder off the other way.

It really ought to be cool, and one way or the other, it’s worth testing. Don’t be a stick in the mud. Or a snake. Definitely don’t be a snake.

You can register at the event website, and indicate that you’re going at the Facebook event.

See you there, geeks.

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