Flipping “growth” as a marketing imperative


The capitalist imperative dictates growth. But what if instead of defining “growth” as profitability, a company measured “growth” as continual improvements in brand-consumer relations?

If profit is seen as a natural output of empathy with the customer and an ever-improving brand-consumer relationship, then any improvement in the user experience, or brand-consumer relationship would lead to more profit.

No manipulation; no greed.

Almost everyone is familiar with the butterfly effect: one small change that then ripples out and affects even more change.

  • Every interaction an opportunity for an enchantment
  • Every iteration in testing an attempt at better communication
  • Every message crafted from a place of intentional listening
  • Every transaction an opportunity to make the world a better place

Marketing optimization is hearing and understanding what your customer needs throughout every process of the buying experience…

and giving it to them.

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