…Why Nashville?

So, you may be wondering: Nashville? What the heck is a geeky-smart marketing analytics and optimization company doing in Nashville?

Well, believe it or not, Nashville is a pretty cool place to be. In fact, more and more, it’s kind of “THE” place to be. And it’s growing into an outstanding tech town. Between the leadership of the Nashville Technology Council, the amazing work of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, and the wonderful and supportive Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce – which has been voted the best in the US – Nashville has an awful lot to offer tech startups and really, almost any other kind of business. Except maybe, like, ocean cruise operators.

You probably know Nashville as “Music City,” and don’t get us wrong, we do like being known that way. But partly because of the emphasis on music here, it’s really a hub of creative talent of all kinds, producing content, creating innovative ideas, and making stuff. There are filmmakers and artists, writers and designers, artisan clothing lines, and all kinds of other folks making and doing new and interesting stuff all the time. And probably in part due to this, Nashville has been a hotbed of blogging and social media activity, and a breeding ground for innovative web and digital agencies. Hey, we had blogging meetups before blogging meetups were cool. (They were cool at some point, right?)

One of the most fun parts about being “Music City” is that almost everyone here has some musical ability. Ask around at your average Nashville company: almost everyone plays guitar, or they write songs, or they sing, or all of the above.

Aside from all the creative content, Nashville is a huge center for healthcare and publishing – and plenty of tech talent is cultivated through those industries.

But back to [meta]marketer. If you’re not in Nashville and you’re wondering how well we work with companies elsewhere: not to worry. We’re geeks, after all, and we have online collaboration tools and virtual meetings at our disposal. (And probably on our person at all times.) And yes, when it’s appropriate, we travel for in-person, face-to-face interaction. Because if there’s one thing we know from being in Nashville, it’s that relationships matter, and there’s no substitute for sitting down over a cup of (micro-roasted pour-over) coffee or a pint of (locally craft-brewed) beer to talk about digital strategy, business plans, or whatever celebrity we’re politely pretending not to notice at Crema.