Kate O’Neill: Founder & CEO

Kate O'Neill

Kate O’Neill

“one of the smartest and most forward-thinking people in the interactive marketing space” 

“on the bleeding edge of web optimization–she’s creating the best practices instead of following them”

“at once both a formidable expert and a warm, approachable colleague”

Kate O’Neill is passionate about the idea that better interactive experiences for the customer lead to greater profitability for the business.

With this in mind, in 2009 Kate launched [meta]marketer to help companies develop more effective marketing through better use of data, insights, and strategy. The result? More relevant customer relationships and stronger returns on the marketing investment. [meta]marketer works primarily with clients with large reach such as Symantec, XO Communications, Ingram Book Company, and the Grand Ole Opry, but also with many smaller and fast-growing companies.

Prior to [meta]marketer, Kate’s experience included the first content management role at Netflix, leading cutting-edge online optimization work at Magazines.com, developing Toshiba America‘s first intranet, building the first departmental website at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and holding leadership positions in a variety of digital content and technology start-ups.

She speaks regularly at marketing industry conferences such as Online Marketing Summit, Conversion Conference, and PubCon on analytics and optimization, as well as conferences and events in client industries, such as Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit and World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress on the role of empathy in driving profitable marketing. Kate is also a contributor to top marketing publications such as CMO.com.

Kate is a vocal and visible advocate for Nashville as a growing technology center. She serves on the board of the Nashville Technology Council, on the IT Workforce Recruitment Committee for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, on the advisory board for Startup Tennessee, on the Business Information Systems Technology Advisory Council for Tennessee State University, and as a mentor for Jumpstart Foundry, a local tech-oriented seed-stage microfund and business incubation program.

Kate has been named “Technology Entrepreneur of the Year,” a “Power Leader in Technology,” “Social Media Strategist of the Year,” and a “Woman of Influence,” along with numerous other awards and recognitions. She has appeared in national publications like CNNMoney.com and Time magazine, and is a frequent guest and commentator in Nashville business media. Currently, Kate is writing both a marketing book and a personal memoir.

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