all about us

Hi, we’re [meta]marketer, and we’re definitely one of a kind. Here’s why:

  • We’ve been described as “Architects of Digital Behavioral Strategy.” You’ll often hear us say “analytics are people.” Meaning: the data your marketing systems collect represents the genuine needs and interests of real people. Strategic insights and clarity require empathy with your customers and some really rigorous testing. It’s a holistic alignment of understanding what your audience needs and then aligning those needs with the goals of your company. We like to think that every optimization of the user’s experience makes the world a little bit better place.
  • We’re all about smart online marketing. That means we’re not about advertising, or copy, or design: we’re about data and results. We offer both services and tools for integrated, data-driven online acquisition, analytics, and conversion. And what gets us truly excited is helping our clients acquire meaningful visitors through experience-oriented marketing and then converting those visitors into buyers through on-site experience optimization using A/B and multi-variate testing. Sounds geeky, we know, but it works.
  • We don’t “do” SEO, but we do help you influence and measure it. We view SEO as an output, not an input. Search engine optimization isn’t only about keywords, links, or traffic. It’s fundamentally driven by a synthesis of well-planned site architecture, mindful content, and effective interactions with potential customers. Our strategic engagements focus with our clients on those drivers and instead of measuring how many links or likes you have, we measure the outcomes that matter to business: conversion, retention, and profitability.
  • We know the best-in-class analytics and optimization tools. We have a longstanding familiarity with Adobe Omniture tools. We go deep with Google. We’ve been around the block with the marketing automation tools, the CMSs, the ESPs, the CRMs, and a lot of other acronyms. These are the tools used by many major companies in nearly every category to provide world-class insights and opportunities for business process and strategy improvement. In everything we do, we strive for alignment between customer experience and optimal profitability for our clients.

The engagements we seek and excel in are those which value customer experience as a means to profitability. Our past and current clients include e-commerce sites, media production companies, subscription-based services, health care entities, financial and insurance firms, innovative startups, an array of local and small businesses, and even other agencies.

Our core services include:

  • overall digital marketing strategy audit and recommendations
  • social media strategy audit and recommendations
  • search marketing strategy audit and recommendations
  • consulting on marketing analytics and optimization process, platform, and people
  • website optimization based on analytics insights, data-driven marketing, and A/B and multi-variate testing (MVT)
  • online customer acquisition consulting, particularly search (both paid and natural) and social
  • usability and user experience optimization and consultations
  • web strategy consulting and coaching, particularly for e-commerce and lead generation models

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, an under-appreciated hub of creative and technical talent due to non-stop demand in the music, healthcare, and publishing industries, [meta]marketer is run by Kate O’Neill, whose background includes both hands-on web work and strategic management across a broad range of industries for companies such as Toshiba, Netflix, Kaiser Permanente, Roche, Lexmark, and HCA, as well as many smaller and mid-market companies.

For more information or to find out if our services are right for you, go ahead and email us. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.