Of all the innovations Google has given us (simple and relevant search results, easy-to-use free email accounts, and so on), perhaps the most powerful is the pay-per-click advertising model. Unlike traditional advertising, where it was all about impressions, eyeballs, and reach — very hard measures to get precise with — this approach only costs the advertiser when a viewer becomes an active agent engaging with the ad. Think about that. If you could pay for a billboard ONLY when it influenced someone enough that they were ready to take the next action, what would that do for your marketing budget?

Well, in the search space, it can mean power in the hands of small companies and large companies alike. Because your success in this channel is determined not only by how large your budget is, but also by how relevant you are and how meaningfully your site communicates with visitors once they opt to engage with you.

In other words, the playing field is considerably more level than in other advertising media, particularly if you combine pay-per-click search with conversion optimization. Now that‘s powerful stuff.

Is it all a bit much? Give us a shout. This is the stuff we live and breathe. Whether you’re trying to aggressively grow your business, or just run your campaigns more profitably, we know this stuff inside and out.