Forget what you may have heard about SEO. It’s not about ranking #1 on every search term, and it’s definitely not about generating traffic. What good is traffic if your visitors aren’t buying?

On the other hand, if your sales increase as a result of driving the right kind of traffic, you’ve made a wise investment. When it comes to SEO for business purposes, it’s about making sure you’re being found by users who are looking for services just like yours.

That’s where our approach differs from most. We’re not your typical SEO agency. In fact, we like to say we don’t so much practice search engine optimization as we do search experience optimization. Our process starts with the user, and is informed continually by real business metrics: your bottom line.

It’s all about alignment with your business strategy, but don’t worry if that sounds complicated: we’ll work with you to identify the content, keyword, and linking strategies necessary to drive relevant searchers right to your web site.

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