Content Marketing I

A workshop for marketers embarking on content marketing or lead nurturing. Get off to a strong start with a solid, smart foundation.


Content Marketing is all the rage and if well done, it's also effective. But you've probably been on the receiving end of poor content marketing; far from being effective it's annoying, irrelevant and frustrating.

There is no shortage of advice telling you that the goal of content marketing is to get the right content to the right person at the right time. That's a commendable goal, but it still isn't enough information to help you avoid the easy to overlook trap of irrelevant, annoying content marketing. Where do you even start with a goal like that?

Whether you've tried a few content marketing pieces and weren't quite happy with the results, or whether you're just starting to think about content marketing, this workshop will help you move forward with a strong framework for success.

What We're Going to Do

In this workshop we will demonstrate and help you apply a framework for getting the right content to the right person at the right time.

We'll work together to help you figure out and document the major components of your content marketing campaigns:

  • Who is the Right Person?
  • When is the Right Time?
  • What is the Right Content?

For each of these components, we'll define the framework and roll up our collective sleeves and help you apply it to your specific situation. Digital and print templates are provided so you can re-apply the framework later in other situations.

Based on our past experience, we can tell you that it will be helpful for you to have:

  • Knowledge of your existing customer segments
  • An understanding of your sales process now
  • An understanding of your prospects' buying process
  • Your acquisition model defined
  • The KPIs used to measure your marketing performance

Even if you don't have a sophisticated understanding of all those things, you'll still be able to apply the framework–your prospects will just be a bit more theoretical.

When you're done with the workshop, you'll have takeaways you can start on immediately as well as a larger, long term actions which can work into your marketing plan.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is intended for marketers with knowledge and experience in digital marketing. Some tactical knowledge of digital marketing channels will be helpful to ground you, but isn't necessary. It would also be relevant for small teams who work together on marketing tasks and campaigns.

Individuals we're working with on content marketing for whom this workshop would be applicable tend to be:

  • Directors of Marketing
  • Managers with marketing responsibilities (SEO Manager or Social Media Manager, for example).
  • Content Strategists
  • Copywriters involved in creating marketing content
  • Marketing Analysts involved in creating or measuring campaigns

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Workshop Activities

Part 0:Networking and Getting Started
Part 1: Foundations
Part 2:Early Stages
Part 3:Middle Stages
Part 4:Late Stages
ClosingQ&A, Discussion

Workshop Location

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