conversion optimization

Conversion OptimizationWhen most people think about making changes to their web sites, they naturally think “it’s time for a redesign.” But not you: you’re smart enough to know better. You know that, in many cases, redesigning a web site is throwing out the baby with the bathwater: there are things that are working just fine on your old site, and by making any changes at all, you could be rendering those working features useless.

And of course, being the smart person you are, you know that the answer is testing. Through A/B (or “split path”) & multivariate testing, you can find out what works on your site, and what changes would have cost you money. You can also find money you’re leaving on the table. As marketing investments go, you don’t get much smarter than this one.

[meta]marketer has deep expertise and great experience with testing and optimization, so if you’re ready to put your smarts to work, give us a shout, and we can help you to make your site work smarter, too.

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