Adobe Omniture Test&Target

With Omniture Test&Target, you can make decisions about messaging, navigation, design, and just about anything else using live data about how visitors respond.

We use Test&Target in our own marketing optimization services, but as a reseller partner of Omniture, we can also provide the tool directly to your company if you have in-house resources.

What is Test&Target? What does it do?

Test&Target allows you to serve up different versions of the same content to different visitors in a variety of ways. Ever wonder whether a red ‘buy’ button or a green ‘buy’ button would work best? Don’t wonder: test! (Sorry, that rhyme was an accident.) This process is called ‘A/B testing’ or ‘split-path testing’.

Or you may be curious about several things on the same page. Maybe you think the color of the ‘buy’ button is important, but you’re also interested in knowing how changing the introductory copy on the page might affect conversion. You can test them simultaneously; this is called ‘multivariate testing.’

Or perhaps you have already tested different versions, and you now know that red buttons work better with new visitors, but green buttons work better with returning visitors. You can show the appropriate button color to the appropriate visitors and get more conversions out of your site. This is ‘targeting,’ and here’s our little secret: targeting is usually where the big money is.

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