Mention in Nashville Post about Startup Weekend

I was interviewed yesterday by Erin Lawley at the Nashville Post as part of an article on Nashville Startup Weekend, and that article came out today:

Kate O’Neill did not launch a business based on last year’s Nashville Startup Weekend, but she said participating in the event helped give her the confidence to become an entrepreneur. In February, she launched Meta Marketer [sic], which provides Web-based services like analytics and optimization.

“To see over the course of the weekend a lot of different angles of business discussed, it’s good exposure to the process of building a business in a microcosm way,” she said.

In her article, Erin also quoted a part of the conversation she and I had about an idea I may pitch tonight:

O’Neill said she likely won’t be able to attend the event for the entire weekend this time, but she may pitch an idea for a business that would create an online system or iPhone application for placing advance restaurant orders. It would be geared toward eateries like Baja Burrito, where customers can get stacked up in line placing customized orders.

“I get very frustrated at Baja Burrito,” O’Neill said. “This would let you jump the line when you get there.”

If you’ve ever thought about starting a business, you should definitely check out Nashville Startup Weekend (and if you’re not in Nashville, there may be one near you). It’s a real confidence booster, and I do think a sense of confidence is one of the ingredients to being ready to start a business.

That and a sense of anxiety that you may be making a huge mistake.

But that’s OK! Because when they’re in balance, they work together to create just enough friction and just enough momentum to make things work.

Hope to see you there tonight!

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    Congrats on the article mention, Kate! I can’t make it this time around, but I’m excited to see what comes out of NSW.