Jumpstart Foundry on Venture Nashville

[David] Corts and at least 51 others have been tapped as mentors and dubbed “the brightest entrepreneurial minds around” by Nashvilles JumpStart Foundry, which is an incubator and microfund… .

via NewsBits, April 25, 2011 on Venture Nashville.

Yours truly is one of those “51 others.” I think that softens the claim of “the brightest entrepreneurial minds around,” but I’m flattered to even hang out in that crowd.

This really is an exciting time for entrepreneurship in Nashville. Some great ideas are coming to surface, and the funding is there to get the best of them started. If you’ve been sitting on a great idea, it may well be time to do something about it. And who knows: you may end up with some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds around there to provide mentorship and guidance.

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