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It’s been a cool few weeks here at [meta]marketer, and not just because of the welcome change in the weather here in Nashville… although that’s helping, I won’t lie.

But no, the cool stuff I’m talking about has to do with starting to be recognized as a great company with a great leader.

Case in point, in August, the Nashville Business Journal named 40 “Power Leaders in Technology”. Named along with some of the most influential and prominent tech minds in the city was none other than our CEO, Kate O’Neill. A power leader! I mean, yeah, we think she’s great and all, but we bet they haven’t seen her before she’s had her caffeine.

And then [meta]marketer was included in an article on using data to drive your business,

“It’s not that big of a challenge for a company to get at data,” O’Neill said. “It’s a much bigger challenge getting to the point where you can use that data to make informed decisions. We take our client company’s strategy and work with them to develop hypothesis on who their customers are and use the data in their Web marketing channels to validate those hypothesis.”

And guess whose picture the Biz Journal used in its nameplate?

You got it: our own Kate O’, trademark sunglasses and all.

What does Kate have to say about all this?

It’s an amazing time. We’ve signed several new clients, we’re hiring, we’re working on refining our brand and marketing (the cobbler’s kids will get shoes after all!) and we’re giddy with excitement about what the future holds.

It’s looking bright enough for those shades. AND it’s nearly scarf season. That’s reason enough to be excited.

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    So proud of your success!