Social Media Beyond Marketing: The HR Implication

Last week, Jennifer Way of Way Solutions and I were invited to speak at the West Tennessee SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Human Resources & Employment Law 2012 Spring Conference. Our topic was “Highlighters, Candy Bars, & Microphones: A New View of Social Media for HR.”

The gist of what we had to say was that although human resources departments often seem to fear and loathe social media (and a poll of the room confirmed it!) because so much can go wrong there. But in a well-aligned organization, the message in social media can be a powerful recruitment and retention tool, on both the talent and the customer sides. That’s two dimensions by two dimensions for ROI recovery — four places where you can go digging for dollars back on your investment in getting the message right. That’s a lot of potential reward. We point out that in order to align, you need focus. But once you have that focus, and you create alignment, then the power of amplification is on your side, not against you.

Our slides are below, saved on You won’t get the full thrust of the narrative from just the slides, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts in the comments if you do flip through them. In what companies have you seen the most alignment?

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