From effectiveness to marketing excellence

Here at [meta]marketer we were really excited to sponsor the Nashville Business Journal’s first Chief Marketing Officer Awards this past week. Why so excited? Because we work with clients all over the country to help them become smarter, faster, better marketers, and it makes us happy to celebrate people in our own hometown who are clearly doing something right.

Marketing excellence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes discipline, and it takes iterating on an ever-improving process for learning about your customers and what motivates them. You’re constantly going back to the whiteboard, testing and re-testing everything. It’s a ton of work, we know. You have to pull back on what isn’t working, push what’s working best, and constantly get better at figuring out which is which.


We like to think of whiteboards as a roadmap to marketing insights. They’re great for getting out your ideas about what you want to try. But your whiteboard won’t tell you which idea is best. For that, you need data. And that’s where we come in. Our goal is to help you become smarter, faster, and better at acquiring and retaining customers more profitably. We do this through:

We often say “analytics are people.” What we mean by that is that the data you collect represents the genuine needs and interests of real people. Strategic insights and clarity require empathy with your customers and some really rigorous testing. It’s a holistic alignment of connected dots when your customer’s needs meet your goals as a company.

We really wanted to communicate this message of excellence and iteration to both the finalists and attendees. So we gave them all whiteboards. Below is a copy of the what we handed-out, printed on whiteboards to the finalists.

whiteboard art

Marketing excellence is the development of relevant messages and more streamlined experiences for your customers, based on an understanding of your customers’ motivations and validating it all with data. The more you do that, the more you reduce friction and frustration for them and increase profit and scalability for you. It’s a win-win.

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