Now Hiring: Project Effectiveness Manager

Be honest: you dream in Gantt charts, don’t you? Hey, we understand. We dream in histograms.

We know being awesomer than most can be a lonely business. That’s why we’re set on assembling a growing group of awesome people so we can work together and keep each other company while we improve the way the business world does marketing.

If you’re the next member of our Team Awesome here at [meta]marketer HQ in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, you’re not just a project manager, you’re also a process optimizer. (Or as we like to say: “optimizizer.”) You help us track and manage our workload, coordinate with our team to plan work and with clients to track progress, and keep the CEO informed and at ease about everything so she can sleep at night. (It’s a long shot, but it’s worth a try.) But the beauty of the role is this: whatever you see that needs improvement, you improve.

Of course we’ve already established that you’re not merely familiar with Gantt charts: you dream in them, complete with dependencies, critical paths, and pretty colors. We like that about you. Ideally you know and love OmniPlan, but if your preference is Microsoft Project or another tool, we can definitely make that work and we’ll listen to you rant about why it’s so much better than other tools and yet why it still sucks. You’re also more than passingly acquainted with resource management, capacity planning, forecasting, risk management, etc.

And what’s most amazing is, you already know how a consulting agency works and in your first few weeks of work, you’ll start noticing right away some ways we can improve how we handle client work, how we capture knowledge internally, how we assign and manage tasks and resources, and how we order lunch. (Hey, we’re open to input about anything.)

It goes without saying that you’re fun to be around, fearless about figuring things out on your own, and organized enough to do something about what you learn. We also admire that you take suggestions for improvement as well as you give them, that you smile often, and that you get our nerdy jokes that combine references to Star Wars, LOLcats, and Jason Fried.

OK, that last bit is admittedly a bit of a pipe dream, we know. But if the rest of this sounds like you, well, we can’t wait to meet you.

(By the way, we’re all about equal opportunities, but we reserve the right to discriminate against people with negative attitudes. That’s about all.)

What to do next: Email us at with an explanation of why this sounds like it’s perfect for you, a link to your completed LinkedIn profile (or you can attach your resume, if you’re old school), and any other links you think we should see that help establish what you know about the Web: your Twitter, your blog, whatever.

Come prepared to show us your prettiest Gantt chart. :)

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