Now Hiring: Super-Smart Marketing Analysts

Do you “see” marketing? Where other people may notice catchy slogans or clever copy, are you picturing the crew back at HQ sitting around a conference table, arguing about metrics and goals and how this billboard or that TV ad relates to their online campaigns? Do you see annoying ads on the websites you visit and, in between grumbles, find yourself wondering what their clickthrough rate is?

If so, you might just be the smart marketer we’re looking for.

We’re [meta]marketer, a team of geeky (but sorta cool, we like to think) armchair digital sociologists and marketing data scientists who’ve figured out a way to turn our overly-analytical mindsets into an asset for our clients: by helping them mine their data to learn about their customers, and using those findings to improve their marketing from top to bottom. And bottom to top.

And we need a few more folks like us.

The people we’re looking for, first and foremost, are super-smart. They already have above-average comfort with the more advanced features of Google Analytics (and if they already know SiteCatalyst, that’s a big help, too). They regularly read digital marketing blogs, so they already know a lot about A/B and multi-variate testing, even if their exposure to testing has been minimal. They probably write blogs of their own – no doubt with cheeky opinions about digital stuff, like why QR codes suck, or how Google+ will become the new online infrastructure, or whatever. They probably register domain names for fun. With friends. At bars. And they definitely know what keywords drive traffic to their websites, and probably tweet about the funniest ones.

As far as specific skills or traits we’d love to see: analysis, analysis, analysis. A capacity for true high-level strategy, not just planning. Insatiable curiosity. Knowledge of SEO and what Google ranking factors are. Agility with AdWords and other PPC models. Understanding of landing page optimization.

Yeah, we know: it’s a lot to ask. But hey, like we said, these people are super-smart – they can do all of this before breakfast. (But not necessarily before coffee.)

And we’re hoping they live in Nashville. If not, we’re hoping they want to relocate here. And if not, we’re open to discussing remote work, but honestly, we think you’d have to be, well, not all that smart to not want to live in Nashville, so maybe they’re not the people we’re after anyway. :)

(By the way, we’re all about equal opportunities, but we reserve the right to discriminate against people with negative attitudes. That’s about all.)

What to do next: Email us at with an explanation of why this sounds like it’s perfect for you, a link to your completed LinkedIn profile (or you can attach your resume, if you’re old school), and any other links you think we should see that help establish what you know about the Web: your Twitter, your blog, whatever.

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