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4 Things To Be Thankful For In Marketing

At this time of year, you’re probably getting a little worn out with everyone in your social media feeds posting stuff about what they’re grateful for. It’s mostly stuff like “my kids” and “my spouse” and whatnot, and hey, we’re not here to say people shouldn’t feel grateful about their kids and their spouses. By all [...]

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Pubcon New Orleans 2013: Marketing Optimization is Getting Attention

I just got back from Pubcon in New Orleans. If you’ve never been to a conference geared at Internet marketing ninjas, allow me to paint a picture. Many of the conversations involve the finer points of Google’s latest algorithm tweak, or whether having any paid links at all is inherently bad, or comparisons of hosting services [...]

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Why the CMO Needs to Care About Tech Talent

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce recently launched an initiative called WorkIT Nashville, aimed at recruiting technology talent from other markets. (You can even see my smiling mug on the “contact” page.) Fine. But let’s say you’re a VP of marketing at a B2B company based in the Chicago area. What do Nashville’s tech talent [...]

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Conversion Conference East 2011: So glad I went

Have you attended conferences where the content isn’t very good, the speakers seem to be holding back their best stuff, you don’t walk away having learned much, and you wonder why you wasted your time? I certainly have. But this past week does not get added to my dark mental list of such events. This [...]

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