4 Types of Analytics (Non-)Users

For many people, analyzing web traffic is like flossing: we know we should do it, but we’d rather not and say we did. In fact, as data-driven marketers, we’ve seen enough examples of people having a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with their web data that we thought we’d share some of the classics. (Of course, we’re not poking fun at anyone specifically; it’s all in good fun.)

The “mirror gazer” – You only check your analytics platform when you’ve written a new blog post and you want to see how many people clicked through from Twitter or Facebook to read it.
Favorite metric: Page entrances. Especially for the blog page you just created.

The “keyword comic” – You only occasionally browse through your search keywords to see if anyone is searching for you on unusual phrases so you can tweet how funny they are.
Favorite metric: Bounce rate. It’s only funny if the guy who found you by searching for “life-sized Barbie clothes” actually stuck around to read your content.

The “all at once analyst” – Your analytics tools languish for days, weeks, even months at a time, until all at once you decide (or your boss decides) you simply MUST know the visit frequency, depth, duration, heart rate, and shoe size of each segment you can possibly track.
Favorite metric: How can you possibly pick just one?

The “dashboard deleter” – You’ve set up a dashboard, and maybe a few reports, and you have them emailed to you every day or every week. Doesn’t matter: you delete them unopened without fail.
Favorite metric: None.

Did we miss any analytics personalities you’ve encountered? Do you relate to one of the types above? Let us know in the comments.

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