Dusting Off Our Crystal Ball for CMO.com’s 2011 Marketing Predictions

Looking at what is likely for 2011, I have the distinct impression that some of what was predicted to happen in 2010 is really more suited to the circumstances of 2011, such as the real growth of marketing analytics and web optimization. So when CMO.com asked for me for my predictions for 2011, I was struck by how similar my response was to what I might have said a year ago. But hopefully we’re really there this time. And there are a few differences in the landscape:

“The opportunity for brands to distinguish themselves by appealing to customers’ needs is undiminished by the emergence of group buying, mobile apps, and the like; rather, all of these evolving channels point to an increasing need for a comprehensive, integrated strategy and the tracking capabilities to validate success.”

Read more of CMO.com’s Marketing Predictions For 2011 at CMO.com.

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